Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss Season 7 Finale – Gauhar Khan

Bigg Boss 7 is India’s most popular reality TV show which is being hosted by superstar Salman Khan. It is a reality show where famous Indian and International celebrity come as contestant to survive in a house for 104 days to be the ultimate winner. They have to perform well-mannered in house to win the heart of audience and now today is last day in the journey of Bigg Boss season 7 and everyone is now want to see who will be the winner. In this post we are going to write about the who deserve to be the winner of Bigg Boss 7 and how the journey will come to an end.

Final contestants of Bigg Boss Season 7


Winners or final participants of Bigg Boss season 7

The final three contestants in the race to be the winner of Bigg boss 7 are:

  • Kushal Tandon
  • Tanishaa Mukherji
  • Gauahar Khan.

In third last week bigg boss has given a task to get the ticket to finale where the task was started in teams. In the end there was a tough competition between Kamya Punjabi and Sangram Singh to be the winner of this ticket to finale task. Both has done well and due to tie between them the captain of house VJ andy has declared Sangram Singh as Winner.

Sangram Singh is now immune from the nomination of second last week and he also became the captain of house. Kamya Punjabi was nominated in third last week that is very unfortunate for her as she came very close to the finale. She was one of the expected winners of Bigg Boss Season 7.

Sangram Singh is already out from the house of Bigg boss 7. Another contestant will be eliminated from being winner of bigg boss 7 on Sat as per nomination given.

Final Week and Winner of Bigg Boss Season 7

In Final week of Bigg Boss Season 7 Final Contestent we expect the five contestants would be

  • Sangram Singh
  • Taneesha Mukherji
  • Gauahar Khan
  • Ajaz

Everyone will be nominated and the public will choose the final winner of Bigg Boss 7 with their voting. To make final week interesting there would be exciting task for luxury budget. It would be a tough fight between all the contestants but there could be only one winner. We expect Gauhar Khan will become winner of bigg boss season 7 as she is least nominated and most lovable person of house. Ajaz is expected 1st runner up and Taneesha Mukherji could be 2nd runner up. Who will become the actual winner is still suspense and to know more about bigg boss 7 keep visiting hubsoftech for more recent updates of Bigg Boss 7.

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